You found the love of your life. Congratulations!

And now for the Rings… I can provide trusted advice on choosing the right diamonds, gemstones, cuts and settings, whether the ring is to be a surprise for your beloved or if you want to collaborate with your intended on a design. 

The first step is whether you have a center stone in mind, or if you need help finding the perfect gem. Or, perhaps you have a family stone you would like to use?

The most important criteria for a centerstone are will it make HER happy? And will it make YOU happy?

After a stone is chosen, we design the setting together. And then, I make it for you!

We have made wedding rings for generations of families that have known and trusted the quality of our work for over 40 years. Most of my clients are referred by friends or family. However, I also consider this aspect of the business as an introduction to each other, to build a relationship of trust and understanding between myself and you, for a lifetime of happy jewelry gift giving.