We offer free appraisals on all jewelry items which we produce. For jewelry made elsewhere, there is an appraisal fee depending on the actual piece. Please contact CG Designs for a quote.

If you insure your jewelry you do need an appraisal. Or maybe you just want one for your personal records, or maybe you just inherited all of your grandmother’s jewelry, and would like to know its current value.

We can also provide diamond and gemstone certifications from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most respected of all of the gemstone grading laboratories.

We can test the quality of your gold, test what type of stone you have, and provide you with both a replacement and trade in value.  We include a photograph of your piece on the appraisal, which can be invaluable documentation in the event that the piece is lost or stolen and needs to be reproduced.

Stones under one carat in weight are not usually laboratory certified, but we can do an in-house appraisal on them for you. The weight of stones which are set into jewelry can only be estimated, unless they are removed from their settings.


Do you possess a rare and unusual piece of jewelry? Collectibles are difficult to appraise on your own without access to specialty markets.

Or perhaps you want to insure your collectible, or already have an interested buyer in mind. An expert appraisal is important for insurance and will help immensely in a sale.

CG Designs can both appraise the value of your collectible and also act as a broker to sell your piece for a sliding-scale commission.

Please contact CG Designs for a quote.