Ring Before Repurposing

New Life for Old Jewelry

One of the most common requests I have gotten recently has been to repurpose inherited or out-dated jewelry – to disassemble old pieces and create something new out of the valuable materials which better suits the client. This recycling makes sense in so many ways!

Whether you are just seeking a change in style, or have a piece which is no longer durable enough to wear safely, you can hang on to the true sentimental and monetary value of your antique, estate or broken jewels by incorporating parts of them into new, uniquely personal pieces, or starting with an entirely updated design.

Scratched stones can be re-polished to shine like new again, precious metals can be either melted and re-used or turned into credit toward new metal. Transform a cocktail ring from the fifties that you might wear once a year into something more tailored, more suitable for daily wear, or turn the top into a pendant. Re-use the materials from a wedding set which is no longer worn to fashion a stunning right hand ring for yourself. Take a multi-stone ring and split it up into four rings, one for each grand-daughter! The possibilities are endless.

And, because you won’t be paying for the materials, you only pay for labor, vastly reducing the cost of bespoke jewelry.